– Kasur Lobsang Nyandak

Today, we Tibetans are at a significant crossroad in our history. While tremendous opportunities lie ahead to rebuild on the momentum of our achievements thus far, it is also time for us to collectively review and overcome some real challenges that can prove detrimental to our cause.

This moment calls on all Tibetans to rise to the occasion to address today’s challenges, promote unity, work to achieve our common goal, and build the future of our nation and people.

It is with this deep sense of calling, I am offering my candidacy for the post of Sikyong for 2021.

I acknowledge with utmost humility that the role of Sikyong is extremely challenging.   As the political leader of the Tibetan people, the role requires a balance of vision and execution, innovation and tradition, confidence and humility.  With over thirty years of service to the Tibetan people, I sincerely believe that I can fulfill these expectations.

In my various capacities with the Central Tibetan Administration, I have established a stellar reputation as a fiscal reformer, a coalition builder among leaders with different political viewpoints, and an advocate of inclusiveness. My extensive administrative and diplomatic skills and training will serve me well.

Let me first share the three principles that will guide me if I am given the privilege of leading the Central Tibetan Administration: Truth, Harmony, and Inclusiveness. These tenets will not only serve as the pillars of our freedom movement, but also will provide the basis for my policymaking.

Truth: If there is one thing that we have learned from the Coronavirus pandemic, it is that transparency, a hallmark feature of a democracy, fosters people’s trust in our government.   The trust, unconditional support and loyalty of six million Tibetans strengthen our leadership and make our CTA more effective. These same qualities are also crucial in sustaining the overall international struggle for freedom.  I firmly believe that trust is only gained when our government operates in a transparent and truthful manner.

Harmony: From the current polarized political climate in many of the world’s democracies, we can see that divisiveness weakens our political system and our society, making it hard to rally support during major crises. Therefore, we Tibetans must be united and promote harmony in order for us to win our struggles.  In recent years, our unity has often been put to the test. Sometimes, pettiness, ego and untruths have gotten in our way, harming our cause, and demoralizing our brothers and sisters inside Tibet.  Therefore, I want to make harmony a pillar of my leadership and build a culture of tolerance and cooperation.

Inclusiveness: Our Tibetan communities around the globe are more diverse than ever. Diversity will only become our strength when we build harmony and commonality among people of different ages, genders and political viewpoints.  As your Sikyong, I will commit to recognizing, respecting and engaging the diversity of the Tibetan family – especially women and youth – and incorporate their views and interest in my decision-making.

Meanwhile, I’m also committed to three other related objectives:

First, finding an amicable and long lasting solution to the protracted issue of Tibet with the Chinese Government.

Second, promoting and strengthening the institution of the Dalai Lama, which provides a continued spiritual compass, and stability for those of our faith around the world, and keep alive the hope and unity of the Tibetan people.

Thirdly, protecting and strengthening the democratic institutions of the Tibetan people, especially at a time when democracies around the globe are facing threats.

It is my conviction that these goals will directly benefit the long-term and short-term interests of the Tibetan people.

Many of you know me from my more than three decades of service to the Tibetan community, starting as a grassroots worker for the Tibetan Youth Congress, and later as Kalon in Professor Samdhong Rinpoche’s Cabinet.  When I represented and advocated for Tibet’s human rights at various international forums as director of the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy, and when I actively procured funds to support projects in our community as the President of The Tibet Fund, I have always worked with the utmost dedication and honesty.

As a former Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the North Americas, I have successfully engaged the White House, the U.S Congress, and the Canadian government in supporting our healthcare, education, refugee resettlement, and religious and cultural preservation.  I’m certain that my past experiences and my leadership skills have prepared me well to take on any challenges on a national level, and to help us thrive both politically, socially, culturally, and economically.

The next decade is critical for the Tibetan cause. While the whole world is being ravaged by the Covd-19 pandemic, our communities are also facing tremendous political and economic challenges.  Tibet is literally burning.  Our people inside Tibet are making the ultimate sacrifice to seek freedom and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet.  Therefore, it is urgent to bring China to the negotiating table to resolve the Tibetan issue as per the vision set by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the policy adopted democratically by the CTA.  Given my past experiences in Sino-Tibetan dialogue, I feel confident about re-establishing contact with the Chinese Government and work towards a positive resolution to our cause.

As your leader, I strive to transform the whole of Tibet into a zone of peace (as envisioned by His Holiness the Dalai Lama) that not only ensures happiness and freedom for our people, but also potentially brings peace and stability to the region and the world.  This is our vision.  Together, let us build Tibet’s future.


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