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After Beijing, China holds talent recruitment for Tibet immigration or posting in Shenzhen

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(, Jun01’23) – Even after decades of sending many tens of thousands of the brightest of Tibetan children to schools and then higher institutions of learning across China over the past several decades, the government of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) is still seeking more immigrant talents by holding recruitment events there.

After holding a roadshow in Beijing to offer 157 jobs to high-quality Chinese workers in April this year, the TAR government has held another one in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, on May 30 under its talent recruitment policy.

Under the plan, the region will offer 324 jobs to high-quality workers. The key focus will be on plateau ecology, geology, medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry, high-tech digital technology, clean energy and education, reported the official May 31 And Jun.

Education is likely to be a particularly major focus as Sinicization of Tibet is China’s major policy drive in Tibet at present.

The reports said the demand for high-level talent was divided into four categories — top domestic and international talent, national level leading talent, local leading talent and other high-level talent.

As regards incentives, the reports said the four categories of workers will be provided with subsidies — 2 million yuan ($281,449), 1 million yuan, 600,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan — after acceptance.

Those who are introduced to work in TAR will receive policy support from the regional government in remuneration, job benefits, professional title evaluation, housing policy, family placement, and medical security.

The reports said the TAR government had also announced another talent recruitment plan, which aimed to identify a number of people at various talent levels, along with technological innovation teams, to contribute to major industries and key sectors of the region.

Noting that the strategic talents were expected to work in the field of natural sciences and engineering technology, the reports said they will be provided with subsidies of 200,000 yuan, and up to maximum project funding of 10 million yuan.

Besides, the TAR government also plans to encourage more talent intermediary agencies, units and individuals to introduce high-level talent to the region.

The reports said that at the promotion activity on May 30, Yin Chunhui, deputy leader of the 10th Batch of Aid-Tibet Cadres and Talents, had said local authorities were vigorously working to attract high-level talent from all over the world.

“The development momentum of contemporary Tibet is thriving. Various undertakings are at a critical period, and the need for technological innovation is more urgent than ever before,” Yin was quoted as saying.

“We will provide opportunities for ambitious individuals from all over to start businesses and showcase and develop their work in Tibet.”


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