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China arrests man for starting a WeChat group to honour Tibetan religious leaders

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(, Jul28’22) – China has arrested this month a man in a historically Tibetan area that has now been made a part of its Sichuan Province for having started a WeChat social media group. The group celebrated the birthdays of revered religious leaders of Tibet, reported the Tibetan Service of Jul 27, citing Tibetan sources.

The group, started by Lotse, 57, a resident of Sershul (Chinese: Shiqu) County in the Kardze (Ganzi) Prefecture, had around 100 members from all parts of ethnographic Tibet, the report said.

The report said he was arrested for forming an allegedly illegal group.

Local Tibetan were stated to have been questioned and pressured to give incriminating information about him before his arrest.

Lotse, a single father of two sons, was visited by police before his arrest to warn him for starting the WeChat group, the report said.


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