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China seeking mainland talent for Tibet’s stability, development

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(TibetanReview.net, Apr06’23) – The Chinese government of Tibet Autonomous Region has announced highly attractive incentives, including large financial supports, to encourage professionals, businessmen, workers, and others from the mainland to help promote the region’s stability, economy and environmental development.

At a road show organized by the region’s government in Beijing on Apr 4, the regional government released a talent incentive scheme, saying that the region is in urgent need of four types of professionals: academicians; young, top-notch Chinese scientists; entrepreneurs who have developed state-of-the-art technologies; and other highly skilled workers who can promote the region’s stability, economy and environmental development, reported China’s official chinadaily.com.cn Apr 5.

Under the incentive scheme, talent who come to the region can receive a minimum subsidy of 200,000 yuan ($29,000) and as much as 2 million yuan per person, the report said.

Other incentives were stated to include provisions of accommodation, education and healthcare. For example, it was explained, temporary housing will be offered in structures that are at least 70 square metres, and the workers’ underage children will be granted admission into the region’s schools.

Furthermore, it was added, professionals will be given preferential treatment in terms of financial support, tax reductions, transportation and lecture opportunities.

People or agencies that successfully introduce talent to the region stand to be rewarded with financial awards of 100,000 yuan.

Besides, financial rewards and loans will be given to professionals who apply for research projects and start their own businesses.

And entrepreneurs who have developed world-class technologies — setting themselves up to be nominated as State-level academicians — can apply to undertake research projects that will receive funding of up to 10 million yuan. Those who win the projects will also receive an annual living allowance of 200,000 yuan for five years, the report said.

“We’ve always put ‘talent’ at a strategic status and established more sound mechanism to lure talent and keep them staying. We never make empty talk, and we spare every effort to create a fair and good living and working environment for these talent,” Lai Jiao, a member of the standing committee of the region’s Communist Party of China Committee, has said.


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