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China unveils deadly, ‘non-lethal’ new weapon for crushing protests

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(TibetanReview.net, Apr20’23) – China has unveiled a new electromagnetic gun that fires coin-shaped bullets to be used for riot control. The weapon uses electromagnetic force rather than gunpowder, which allows users to vary the speed and force of the bullets. Hence, though described as “non-lethal”, it could, in fact, be more lethal than conventional guns, especially if pointed bullets are used, noted the scmp.com Apr 16.

The product was made public in a military technology programme aired on the state broadcaster CCTV on Mar 28. It was stated to have described the device as “non-lethal” but then shown to be able to penetrate wood and shatter glass bottles.

The gun, known as the CS/LW21 handheld electromagnetic launcher, was stated to have been jointly developed by China North Industries Group Corporation Limited and other technology teams.

Its barrel is so designed that a scope can easily be fitted and a display screen at the front provides information such as the battery level, rail temperature, bullet capacity, frequency, and firing mode. A double-chamber magazine allows for continuous firing and swift reloading.

“It is powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery that can continuously fire hundreds of rounds when fully charged. The charging time is also very short, with little influence from temperature,” the gun’s designer, Lei Fengqiao, has told CCTV.

The bullets used in these guns are shaped like coins, which Lei has said offers several advantages over traditional gun barrels or projectiles. The coins are smoother, do not penetrate the body, cheap to make, and easier to carry around.

The maximum firing frequency of the gun can reach several thousand rounds per minute, far exceeding the traditional rifle’s 700 to 800 rounds per minute.

During field tests, the guns were stated to have easily penetrated double-layered 3mm-thick wooden boards and shattered beer and even cola bottles.

Besides, given their capabilities, electromagnetic guns could be more lethal than conventional ones, especially if the bullets are replaced by pointed ones that can penetrate the body.

Electromagnetic weapons are such that users can select the intensity and frequency of the firing gun, firstpost.com reported Apr 18 cited a Bloomberg report as saying.


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