EU foreign affairs chief says he referred to Tibet situation in strategic dialogue with China

EU High Representative Josep Borrell Fontelles. (Photo courtesy: Anadolu Agency)

(, Jun11’20) – While it expects to hold its usual Human Rights Dialogue with China as soon as physical meetings would resume, The European Union (EU) nevertheless raised a number of important human rights issues, including the situations in Xinjiang and Tibet, said the EU High Representative Josep Borrell Fontelles, after concluding his strategic dialogue with China.

Fontelle said this in a Jun 9 statement after his strategic dialogue with China, his first since assuming the post as the Chief of the Foreign Affairs of the EU in Dec 2019. He has said he also raised a number of individual cases during that virtual meeting.

He has said the meeting and discussions with China’s State Councilor and Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi was longer than expected.

It was the 10th annual Strategic Dialogue between the EU and China to prepare for the forthcoming Summit.


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