Open Letter Appeal

Thupten Thokmey. (Photo courtesy: YouTube/TT)

Dear Mr. Thupten Thokmey la,

With due respect to your former monk status, I sincerely and truly respect your right to express your solidarity and opinion on the landmark judgment passed by the Tibetan Parliament in Exile! I have no comment on the judgment and I strongly feel it is the responsibility of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile and Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission to resolve. 

I have been personally as a citizen of Tibet compelled to write this Appeal to your kindself a former monk to be little more RESPONSIBLE in what you say and utter! Enough of your voluntarily speaking on everyone’s behalf – this is to let you know We can speak for ourselves, you don’t have to speak for us. I have heard you earlier & many times I felt how you could be so irresponsible & blurt out your opinion & call it as public opinion. This in itself is ILLEGAL in any democratic country. I apologize, we have not appointed you nor are you a public elected representative – this is not at all a social audit. 

You can exercise your freedom but you can’t speak for us without our permission- that is Democracy gifted by HH the great 14th Dalai Lama. You are always underestimating & belittling Tibetan elected Leaders, Administrators & Public at large & at times when we listen carefully YOU ARE the ONLY ENLIGHTENED & AWAKENED BEING in the Tibetan Community! This negativism really demotivates and demoralizes those serving in the community when your elected leaders are publicly bashed & trialed through social media such as Youtube which is a very bad role model of conflict resolution or problem solving to the youngsters. Given that the elected leaders have acted unprofessional or unethical, you can avail the service with dignity and get it sorted through democratic process which is the most preferred way of resolving issues or conflicts and by doing so we are setting the appropriate example. In the former, there is a risk of everyone taking the law in their hand thinking it to be Democracy.

There was a video – that was the heights of crossing the democratic boundaries- You were holding Secretaries of Gaden Phodrang particularly naming Yangten Rinpoche & waving your index finger & saying if you allow Hon. Sikyong to meet with HH (How did you get the guts to pinpoint fingers at Secretaries with such high credibility & incredible sense of duty, loyalty, meticulous administrative & management skill because of these strong traits they are appointed for this important responsibility and are close aides of HH the XIV Dalai Lama) & you threaten them that if hon. Sikyong is allowed, you’ll hold them accountable before such thing as happened. I know Rinpoche must have smiled & felt #compassion, #lovingkindness & #empathy towards YOU. 

Your speaking on our women leaders was very painful no matter what their character. Before we speak on others character – we must look in ourselves & see if we are competent to speak against them. Sorry – you went a step further crossing all democratic limits to accuse all the elected Members of Parliament in the Standing Committee particularly naming the Speaker and character assassinate, accused of being inefficient, whiling away time on government fund, being a hopeless public figure & you went two steps further to campaign against him & what you did in this video entails #HateSpeech! No one can deny once listening to your video. 

By doing this you have fully exercised your RIGHT to Speech/Expression enshrined in the Tibetan Charter but violated the fundamental right to RESPECT Others’ sentiments – this is the #Democracy gifted by great XIV #DalaiLama! Not the Democracy you are explaining that is Mobocracy or Banana Republic where we have an elected leader but people like you and the like think you are the one! 

Therefore, I, as a Tibetan citizen, strongly appeal & urge you to APOLOGIZE PUBLICLY to all the elected Leaders, all Secretaries of #GadenPhodrang particularly addressing Ven. Yangten Rinpoche & all women leaders (former Kasurs & Secretary Equivalent) who have contributed dedicatedly during their tenures through your Youtube channel or in written in any printed or electronic media. This is my humble request and hence forth exercise your right responsibly as a matured respectable citizen yet do not make it a mobocracy. 

Thanking you,

With all humility,


Donkar Wangmo
An ordinary citizen


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