Second landslide creates new barrier lake at Tibet’s Sichuan-TAR border

Landslide on the Yarlung Tsangpo near Jiala village. (Photo courtesy: Claud  Arpi''''''''''''''''''0
Landslide on the Yarlung Tsangpo near Jiala village. (Photo courtesy: Xinhua)

(, Nov05, 2018) – A new barrier lake has formed after another large landslide hit Bolo Township in Chamdo (Qamdo) City of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) on Nov 3 evening, blocking a section of Jinsha River, part of the headwaters system of Yangze River known in Tibetan as the Drichu. Emergency response was initiated on Nov 3 night, with nearly 6,000 people including locals and power station staff in the lower reaches of Jinsha River being evacuated as of 7 am on Nov 4, reported China’s official Xinhua news agency Nov 4.

The previous landslide had led to the formation of a barrier lake and rising water levels near the same spot on Oct 11. However, water levels returned to normal on Oct 14 with no casualties reported. It had led to more than 24,600 residents in 15 counties in Chamdo City and nearby Tibetan areas in Sichuan Province living within 300 kilometres (186 miles) downstream from the point of the blockage being evacuated.

Xinhua said the volume of the landslide this time was estimated at over three million cubic metres.

Several hydrometric stations in the city of Qamdo observed that the water level of Jinsha River rose quickly in the wake of the landslide, with one station has already been inundated, the report said.

TAR authorities have been cited as saying the two landslides had led to about 100 houses collapsing and more than 1,000 houses being damaged. Over 8,300 residents had been relocated, with over 5,000 still living in temporary relocation sites, the report added.


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