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‘Tibet’ added 32 new Covid-19 cases on Aug 12

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(TibetanReview.net, Aug14’22) – A total of 32 new Covid19 cases, including 28 asymptomatic ones, have been detected in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), reported China official news.cgtn.com Aug 13.

Given the region’s shortage of medical resources, medical teams from different provinces of China, including Shandong, Heilongjiang and Guangdong, had arrived in the region to offer their help, the report said. 

They were stated to be working in different cities, including Shigatse and Nyingchi, bringing medical equipment along with them. This appears to suggest that the pandemic infection has spread to the hitherto unreported Nyingchi (Tibetan: Nyingtri, or Kongpo) as well.

TAR is a popular tourist destination, and the outbreak will have an inevitable impact on its tourism, but all flights to and from Lhasa have so far been operating normally, the report said.

In Lhasa, local authorities have set up two “green channels” where stranded tourists are given priority to get tested and receive their results.

“Lhasa is a very welcoming city. I was worried that I might not be able to leave as scheduled. I’m grateful for this special arrangement. I’m sure I’ll come back again,” the report quoted a tourist from China as saying.


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