Tortured former Tibetan political prisoner dead after China denied him hospital treatment

Former Tibetan political prisoner Choekyi. (Photo courtesy: ICT)

(, May08’20) – A former Tibetan political prisoner has died at home on May 7 in what is now part of China’s Sichuan Province after he was repeatedly denied hospital admission for ailments suffered from years of prison ill-treatment, said the Tibetan Service of May 7.

The report said Choekyi, a monk, had been jailed for four years in Sichuan’s Mianyang prison after he was arrested on Jun 19, 2015 and tried for making a T-shirt that celebrated the 80th birthday of Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

“During his detention, Chinese police severely tortured him, resulting in damage to his liver and kidneys,” the report quoted an unnamed source as saying, citing local contacts.

His sister Kyidzom and her son Drakpa were also detained and beaten while being interrogated for 15 days.

Following his release on Jan 18, 2019, Choekyi, a resident of Serta (Chinese: Seda) County in Sichuan Province, the authorities denied him inpatient treatment in local hospitals.

And when advised to seek treatment at a hospital in Lhasa, he denied permission to travel by the authorities.

He passed away at home in Nyitoe Village, Serta County.


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