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Remembering and Celebrating a True Son of Tibet Dipping mercury combined with occasional rain added a layer of physical discomfort to the numbness triggered by...

Whither Citizen Tibetan?

The legal or otherwise status of the Tibetans living in India is back in focus after two High Court rulings in India, the confusion...

Tibetan Refugees in Nepal

Pawan Mathur* finds that from being sympathetic to their plight in the early days after Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1959, Nepal is now...

The middle way or no way

The apologetic rebuff with which leaders of the government of Norway recently shied away from meeting with the visiting exiled spiritual leader of Tibet,...

TO BE OR NOT TO BE A CITIZEN: The Tibetan dilemma

While the actual status of born Tibetan citizens of India still remains unresolved despite a High Court ruling in their favour in 2010 and...

Tibet issue hit by global economic crisis?

By Pema Thinley (TibetanReview.net Mar09'09) China has again closed Tibet to foreigners and deployed extra troops there on a massive scale without any acknowledgement either of...

Cherish the Tibetan People

Prof Siddiq Wahid* argues that the Dalai Lama’s considerable climb-down in his position on resolving the Tibet issue has both served to expose the...

Beijing’s talk offer beggars sincerity

By Pema Thinley (www.TibetanReview.net, May 3, 2008) The indifferent suddenness and the casualness of the manner in which China sounded out an intention to “have...

China, a prisoner of its Tibet policy

By Pema Thinley www.TibetanReview.net, Mar 31'08 China did its best to conceal its violent suppression of the monk-led demonstrations in Lhasa which provoked riots across the...

Advances made in the Spanish lawsuit on genocide and other crimes in Tibet

(www.TibetanReview.net, Feb 15, 2008) José Elías Esteve* and Alán Cantos* seeks to reassure that although the crime against humanity lawsuit in the Spanish court against...