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China claims new record for horizontal drilling tech at unnamed Tibet hydropower project

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(TibetanReview.net, Jul22’22) – China said Jul 12 that a hydropower project it was undertaking in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) had set a new record in horizontal drilling technology. However, it did not mention the “large-scale hydropower project” on which this record was set.

With it, a Chinese company had achieved records in four aspects in the hydropower industry, reported China’s official globaltimes.cn Jul 21. These were stated to include the depth of overburden drilling, vertical drilling depth, drilling of large diameter, and horizontal drilling depth.

The latest record – horizontal drilling technology under complex geological conditions –was set by a Chinese hydropower company on Jul 20, with the termination depth reaching as deep as 775.6 meters below the ground, the report said.

The ultra-deep horizontal drilling task was stated to have been undertaken by the Power China Chengdu Engineering Corporation in a large-scale hydropower project in TAR.

The report said it was another significant breakthrough made in the Xizang region after a 1,000-meter vertical hole drilling was accomplished in April this year.

The report cited Chang Zuping, the manager of the project, as saying the geological conditions of the horizontal drilling work area are complicated, with soft and hard formations appearing alternately, and the existence of several cracks in the rock stratum.

In addition, the abundant underground water made the drilling process and the formation of the hole extremely difficult, Chang has added.

As a hydropower design enterprise with a history of 70 years, the corporation was stated to have made a series of significant prospecting achievements, especially in the field of drilling technology, where it had formed a unique advantage. It was stated to have made due contributions to China’s national strategy and promotion of the construction of major engineering projects.


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