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Group of Muslim scholars calls on Dalai Lama

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(TibetanReview.net, Mar21’23) – The Dalai Lama has on Mar 20 interacted with a group of Muslim scholars from Malaysia, Sweden, and the USA who called on him at his Thekchen Choeling residence in Dharamshala. He has spoken to them about the promotion of religious harmony, which is one of his four principal commitments for the realization of a peaceful and compassionate world.

He has said during his brief interaction that “all religions may have different philosophies but all religions are unifying in the promotion of Karuna (compassion) and Ahimsa (peace)”.

He has dismissed as futile engaging in conflict in the name of religion, saying the acceptance or rejection of faith in a religion was a matter for individual choice.

“Religion is man-made but the essence and the message of all religions is the same, so, there is no reason to create conflict in the name of religion.” He has contended.

The Dalai Lame has referred to the existence of a special historical bond between Muslims and Tibetans, dating back to the period of the Tibetan empire in ancient times when the two sides had flourishing trade ties.

“The Tibetan government also recognizes the Muslim community with respect,” he has said, expressing delight over his meeting that day.

(Source: Tbiet.net, Mar 20’23)


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