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Large-scale killing of yaks in Tibet for pandemic donation in China?

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(TibetanReview.net, Apr11’22) – China said its local government in Tibet Autonomous Region had sent on Apr 10, among other things, 100 tonnes of yak meat to the Covid-19 pandemic-hit Shanghai as a part of its first batch of donations of anti-pandemic supplies. The question is whether sending such a donation in the name of an intensely Buddhist religious people who would refrain from such a large-scale killing of animals was meant to be a deliberate affront to them, given its ongoing Sinicization drive.

It is worth noting in this connection that there had been reports in the past of Tibetans protesting against Chinese building of commercial abattoirs in their neighbourhood as this involved large-scale killing of yaks on a daily basis.

During the first wave of the pandemic, donations of Tibetan herbal medicine were sent to affected areas in China where it was reportedly much appreciated.

To show its support for the eastern metropolis and the northeastern province battling a Covid-19 resurgence, Tibet is donating 100 tonnes of yak meat and 3,000 tonnes of drinking water to Shanghai as well as 5,000 tonnes of drinking water to Jilin, reported China’s official Xinhua news agency Apr 10, citing Su Bin, the deputy director of the regional commerce department.

The first batch of yak meat supplies will reach Shanghai on Apr 12. The drinking water will arrive in Shanghai and Jilin in five to seven days, Su has said.

Noting that Shanghai and Jilin had been offering pairing assistance to Tibet over the years, he has added, “The supplies contain love and care from all ethnic groups in Tibet. We hope the materials can help Shanghai and Jilin people overcome the difficulties as soon as possible.”


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