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10 counties in Tibet’s Shigatse City declared free of Covid risks

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(TibetanReview.net, Sep05’22) – Reporting further progress in containing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), China said today that 10 counties in Shigatse City were now free of high- or medium-risk areas. However, the TAR as a whole has still reported increase in daily new locally transmitted cases but a decline in the number of daily new symptomless cases between Sep 3 and 4.

And Shigatse City, the epicentre of the pandemic during its current outbreak in the TAR, still has 290 high-risk areas and 64 medium-risk areas, reported China’s official chinadaily.com.cn Sep 5, citing authorities at a news conference on Sep 4 afternoon.

The city – which consists of 17 counties in addition to its administrative centre Samdrub-Tse District – had earlier claimed to have reached zero Covid-19 transmission at the community level on Aug 31.

Meanwhile, TAR, the western half of ethnographic Tibet, has continued to register the highest number of reported symptomless daily new Covid-19 cases and the second highest number of daily new locally transmitted cases on Sep 4, according to the data compiled by China’s official media based on the country’s National Health Commission briefing on Sep 5.

The data show that the TAR registered 64 new locally transmitted cases on Sep 4 (compared to 51 the day before, and 65 before that) out of 303 reported from across the People’s Republic of China (PRC) that day (compared to 341 the day before), according to China’s official Xinhua news agency Sep 5.

Other PRC provinces with high numbers of daily new locally transmitted cases on that day include Sichuan (105), Guangdong (63), Inner Mongolia (14), Hainan (14), and Liaoning (13), while Qinghai registered 4 (compared to 8 the day before).

The data also show that the TAR registered 452 symptomless cases on Sep 4 (compared to 505 the day before) out of 1,249 reported from across the PRC on that day (compared to 1,359 the day before).

Other provinces which have registered high numbers of symptomless daily new cases include Heilongjiang (162), Qinghai (95, compared to 131 the day before), Liaoning (93), Sichuan (80), Jiangxi (72), and Shandong (52).


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