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China disqualifies ‘separatists’ etc from university admissions in Tibet

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(TibetanReview.net, Apr25’22) – Apart from being already disqualified from applying for jobs from years ago, Tibetans deemed to be “separatists” or involved in “illegal” religion are now denied admission in China’s regular university systems, according to a bitterwinter.org report Apr 25. University authorities are required to give their all-important consideration to the candidates’ patriotism and fluency in Marxism, not academic merits, while admitting students.

The report said that the new rules are contained in a set of regulations titled as “The Tibet Autonomous Region’s 2022 Regular College Admissions Regulations” announced on Apr 22 by China’s Ministry of Education.

The report said that under the heading titled “Ideological and Political Morality Assessment,” Section 12 of the regulations state that being an outstanding student is not enough to be admitted to a university in Tibet. Rather, “ideological and political morality” is the “main” standard for admission, it was stated to add.

The regulations are stated to mandate that the academic authorities “shall make a comprehensive appraisal of the examinee’s political attitude and ideological morality, and be responsible for its authenticity.”

Also, since in an interview the candidates can try to fool them, the academic authorities should consult the Communist Party officers of the city or village where each candidate lives, it was stated to add.

In specific terms, universities are required to make sure that candidates had never supported “in words or in deeds” movements or activities that “endangers the unity of the motherland or national unity.” This is understood to refer to all forms of support for the Dalai Lama, Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader, and what China refers to as “the separatist Dalai clique”, and also for Tibetan independence.

China considers all forms of criticism of its policies by Tibetans as separatist even when they have nothing to do with politics.

The regulations also required universities to make sure that candidates had not been involved in “xie jiao” (ie, “illegal” religious movements).

Besides, candidates who are proficient in “Marxist theory” are stated to be eligible for a preferential lane for admission.


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