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China to feature returned Tibetan women in latest ‘serf-emancipation’ anniversary propaganda

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(TibetanReview.net, Mar04’23) –China said it will demonstrate the social evolution and progress Tibet had undergone in recent years through cinematographic stories of five women who had returned to the territory after having left it earlier, ahead of marking its so-called Serf-Emancipation Day on Mar 28.

“Daughters of Tibet” is a compelling sequel to “Reborn on the Plateau – I Was a Serf” which, by focusing on the lives of four elderly Tibetan women who survived feudal serfdom, shed light on the significant changes that have taken place in Tibet since the emancipation of the serfs, reported China’s official news.cgtn.com Mar 4.

Mar 28 marks the anniversary of China’s complete takeover of Tibet and with it the end of the so-called 17-poiint Agreement on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet. It also marks the initiation of China’s so-called democratic reform in Tibet after a sanguinary crushing of the Tibetan uprising that culminated on Mar 10 and continued over the following days.

It led to Tibet’s then temporal head and spiritual leader, HH the Dalai Lama, to flee for exile to India, accompanied by his council of government ministers and followed by over 80,000 ordinary Tibetans. More than 1.2 million have been killed or caused to die over the following decades of the Chinese occupation rule, according to the exile Tibetan administration’s estimation.

As a way to counter this grim story of its occupation rule, China is to bring out “Daughters of Tibet”, a documentary that it says “explores the lives of five women who have grown up in modern Tibetan society.” These women were stated to have “experienced the freedom and equality brought by the new era. All have, for one reason or another, left Tibet, but have eventually been drawn back home.”

The report did not name any of these women. It only said: “Each woman works in a different field, ranging from traditional costume-making and folk art performance, to legal consultancy, business and writing. Through their success, they demonstrate the social evolution and progress Tibet has undergone in recent years. Moreover, with the fresh vitality and sense of hope they are bringing to the land of their birth, they are inspiring others to make a positive contribution to Tibet and Tibetan society.”


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