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EU report says rampant rights violations in Tibet similar to those in Xinjiang

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(TibetanReview.net, Apr23’22) – China has continued to implement in Tibet policies similar to those implemented in Xinjiang, severely limiting Tibetan culture, language and identity, the European Union has said in its 2021 Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World released on Apr 19. Many democratic countries and international human rights organizations have accused China of implementing genocidal policies in Xinjiang.

The report highlights the further worsening of the overall human rights situation in China and the continuing repressive policies of the Chinese government in Tibet, noted Washington-based International Campaign for Tibet Apr 22.

The annual report, prepared annually by the European External Action Service, summarizes the main issues regarding human rights in China, including the limitation of civil society space, the restrictions on media freedom and access to information, as well as the use of enforced disappearances, secret detentions and torture.

The report finds it unacceptable that religious activities continued to take place under the supervision of the Chinese Communist Party and emphasizes Beijing’s violations of the rights of Uyghurs, Tibetans and Inner Mongolians, as well as the “severe democratic setback” in Hong Kong.

On Tibet specifically, the report notes that “religious practices continue to be heavily controlled by the [Communist Party of China], in line with existing regulations”. And it continues: “Detentions, torture and deaths in prison of Tibetan monks and rights activists continued to be reported. Private language schools teaching in Tibetan were closed or asked to start teaching in Mandarin. In July 2021, authorities announced that kindergartens in ethnic minority areas must use Mandarin as teaching language.”

The report also criticizes the lack of access to Tibet Autonomous Region, except for “controlled visits of official delegations or tourist groups.”

The actions the EU has taken in response to these situations in China were stated to include the imposition of sanctions against four Chinese individuals (including the now-Tibet Autonomous Region secretary Wang Junzheng) and one entity for their involvement in serious human rights violations in Xinjiang, and the continuous calls to China to fulfill its obligations under the UN Charter and international law, as well as under its own constitution.


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