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Tibet activists join global protests against China’s 73rd National Day commemoration

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(TibetanReview.net, Oct03’22) – China ushered in its National Day of Oct 1 “with full confidence in the nation’s future” ahead of its 20th five-yearly party congress which will “elect” President Xi Jinping for an unprecedented third term as the party General Secretary and, by extension, as the state President come Mar 2023, becoming the country’s most powerful ruler since Mao Zedong. However, this 73rd anniversary of the establishment of the communist party-led authoritarian rule was greeted with protests from Chinese democracy activists as well as peoples from Tibet, Taiwan, East Turkestan (Xinjiang), Hong Kong, Inner Mongolia and others in free, outside countries.

Chinese people have full confidence in China’s economic development and despite some current obstacles to tourism, aviation and other industries, they still believe China can overcome all these challenges, China’s globaltimes.cn Sep 30 quoted Zhang Yiwu, a professor at Peking University, as saying.

While most cities in the country prepare to enjoy the Golden Week holiday, some places were still fighting the latest flare-ups of Covid-19, the report said.

On Sep 29, Lei Zhenglong, deputy director of the National Health Commission’s Bureau of Disease Prevention and Control, told a press conference that some regions, including Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Heilongjiang Province, Xizang (Tibet) Autonomous Region and Guizhou are still suffering from outbreaks, but compared to August, the daily number of new cases is on the decline, the report noted.

* * *

Outside China, activists highlighted the dark side of the communist party-led nationhood of China on this occasion by holding protests in numerous capitals, cities, and towns.

As reported already, in India’s capital New Delhi, 73 activists of the Tibetan Youth Congress were taken away by police from near the Chinese embassy as they protested against the continued Chinese occupation rule over their homeland on Oct 1.

In Taiwan’s capital Taipei, a protest on Oct 1 was led by Henry Tong, who had moved to the democratic, self-ruled island after he was acquitted of rioting along with his wife over the 2019 protests in Hong Kong, reported the hongkongfp.com of the Hong Kong Free Press Oct 2.

Tong has said the aim of the protest rally included boycotting “red capital,” referring to businesses and money that come from mainland China; defending the self-ruled island against possible invasion by Beijing; “liberating” Hong Kong; and eliminating the Chinese Communist Party.

The report said protests were also planned in cities including Brisbane in Australia; Paris in France; Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham in the UK; New York and San Francisco in the US; and Toronto and Vancouver in Canada.

* * *

In Japan’s capital Tokyo, hundreds of people took to the streets and expressed their solidarity with the peoples of Tibet, Xinjiang, Mongolia, Hong Kong and Taiwan on Oct 1, reported the republicworld.com Oct 2. The report said protest was also held outside the Chinese Embassy in the city, with people carrying placards and shouting slogans denouncing Beijing’s anti-human treatment. The event was held under two themes of “nothing to celebrate” and “day of shame,” the report said.

Tibetan-led protests were also held outside the Chinese Embassy in Vienna, Austria, and several parts of Paris, France, the report said.

* * *

In Paris, more than 100 people from organizations like Students for a Free Tibet (SFT), Committee for Liberation of Hong Kong, Association of Uyghurs in France, as well as Mongolian, Taiwanese and Vietnamese groups joined a large demonstration near the Chinese embassy, reported the ANI news service Oct 2.

Marking it as a Global Day of Action, the protesters carried placards with slogans against China, demanding that’s it end the Uyghur genocide and other violations against the peoples of Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the report said.

* * *

In the Netherlands capital Amsterdam, several Chinese organizations such as the Chinese Democratic Party Overseas Committee, the Netherland for Hong Kong, Southern Mongolian Congress, The Church of Almighty God, and Human Rights Watch in China participated along with the Tibet Support Group in the country in condemning the Chinese Communist Party. Notably, this was the first time such a protest was held in the capital city, said the republicworld.com report.

In Istanbul city, Turkey, Uyghur NGOs protested near the Chinese Consulate in the Sariyer district against the Chinese policies of assimilation and genocide, said the ANI report.

* * *

Protests were also held in several cities across North America, including Washington DC. including New York and California as also in Canada.

Taking part in the Washington protest on Oct 1, Alex Chow, former Hong Kong Federation of Students secretary general, has said on Twitter: “To protest on [October] 1, the national day of the People’s Republic of China, means, unfortunately, the occupied territories are not yet returned or guaranteed autonomy and freedoms to the groups oppressed & threatened by the PRC [government].”

* * *

Protests were also held in several cities across Britain over the weekend. With an increasing number of Hongkongers moving to the UK after the country launched a visa scheme offering British National (Overseas) passport holders and their families a path to citizenship, crowds were spotted in cities including London, and Liverpool on Oct 1 and 2 in protest, reported the ongkongfp.com of the Hong Kong Free Press Oct 2.

A video posted by journalist Jasmine Leung showed hundreds gathered at Piccadilly Circus in London’s West End. People were seen waving flags, including the Tibetan flag, the unofficial flag of the Xinjiang region, and some others containing the Hong Kong protest slogan “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times,” the report noted.

Protesters in London also gathered outside the Chinese Embassy, with some of them filmed shouting slogans, including “Shame, shame, China shame,” the report said.


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