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Tibetan flag flies high at China-Australia basketball fans clash

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(, Jul01’22) – A Tibetan national flag flashed prominently at a clash between Chinese nationalists and Hong Kong human rights protesters at a Jun 30 China versus Australia basketball match in Melbourne, according to several media reports Jun 30. 

The 2023 FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifiers matchup had to be temporarily stopped due to the incident between fans in the stands in the John Cain Arena in Melbourne, said Jul 1.

The incident was reported to have begun in the first half of the match, with activists against Chinese policies starting to actively show signs against the regime. Resident China fans were reported to have responded swiftly to their actions.

The reports cited activist Max Mok as saying he was assaulted after holding up a poster of an Australian Uyghur Muslim who was currently imprisoned in China. He was also reported to have shouted ‘Free East Turkestan’ and ‘Hong Kong independence’ at China basketball fans.

A Chinese fan reportedly shoved the protester to the ground, further inflaming the situation, resulting in several protesters being dragged out of the stadium by the arena’s security team.

The report noted that since China had made flying the Tibet flag illegal, claiming the territory as part of mainland China, the protesters held a Tibetan flag aloft in an act of defiance while being escorted by security.

Victoria Police were cited a saying seven spectators were removed from the stadium. No one was injured.


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