Not many Tibetans register as voters in India

May 21, 2014 5:13 am0 comments

(, May03, 2014) – Only a small number of born Tibetan citizens of India, hitherto considered as foreigners, appear to have registered to vote in the ongoing general election in India following a clearance given by the Election Commission of India in February this year. In the Kangra district of […]

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Third Tibetan moves High Court for Indian passport

5:11 am1 comment

(, Apr30, 2014) – With the authorities in India still refusing to issue passports to Tibetans born in the country between Jan 26, 1950 and Jul 1, 1987 and their children as citizens of the country despite two high court rulings in their favour, a contempt of court petition has […]

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Norwegian government to ignore visiting Dalai Lama

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(, Apr27, 2014) – The Chinese stranglehold on Norway’s policy concerning the issue of Tibet has been strengthened with its Foreign Minister Børge Brende confirming Apr 26 that no government ministers or representatives of Norwegian authorities will meet with the Dalai Lama during his May 2014 visit. Earlier, Norway’s parliament […]

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Emory student body awarded for China-Tibet efforts

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(, Apr23, 2014) – A student initiative designed to build a bridge of understanding and friendship between Tibet and China has won a 2014 leadership award from the Emory University’s Office of Student Leadership and Service. The China-Tibet Initiative was presented the 2014 New Student Organisation of the Year Award […]

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New Delhi to challenge court rulings on born Tibetan citizens of India?

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(, Apr01, 2014) India’s ministry of home affairs has decided to challenge a Feb 7 notice by the Election Commission, ordering that Tibetan exiles and their children born in the country from Jan 26, 1950 to Jun 30, 1987 be allowed to register as voters for the upcoming general election, […]

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Poll: French, Germans favour rights, Tibet over trade with China

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(, Mar27, 2014) – A Washington-based Tibet campaign group said Mar 24 that an opinion poll commissioned by it showed that an overwhelming majority of French and German citizens wanted their leaders to prioritise human rights and Tibet during their leaders’ upcoming meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping. After attending […]

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Emory-Tibet partnership enriched with $1 million grant

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(, Mar27, 2014) – The New York-based Dalai Lama Trust has made a grant of $1 million to Emory University in the US state of Georgia, to support the endowment fund of The Robert A. Paul Emory-Tibet Science Initiative, reported (website of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) Mar 25. It added […]

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Nepal tightens security to enforce ban on Tibet Uprising Day, 10 held

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(, Mar11, 2014) – Police in Nepal detained up to 10 Tibetans on Mar 10 for staging or allegedly planning to stage protests against China on the 55th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising against Chinese rule in their homeland. Five youths, including three women, were held at Hattisar, near the […]

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Nepal targets Tibetans ahead of their 55th uprising Day

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(, Mar08, 2014) – Police in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu stepped up security to prevent Tibetan protests ahead of the 55th anniversary of the Mar 10 Tibetan National Uprising, reported the country’s online media Mar 5. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner’s Office said extra precautions had been taken and elaborate security arrangements […]

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Shugden followers’ anti-Dalai Lama protests a Chinese design?

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(, Mar08, 2014) – Writing in The Huffington Post Mar 6, noted Buddhist scholar Prof Robert Thurman has said the cult of the Dolgyal-Shugden spirit continues its campaign against the Dalai Lama at the behest of, and with substantial funding from, the United Front Work Department of the People’s Republic […]

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